Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"Forever... For always... For eternity"
A book cover and character art are a big part of marketing and getting a book noticed. An artist's work is the first thing a reader sees before they ever read a word. Sometimes a cover can be the difference between a book being picked up or passed by. In my quest for publication I stumbled across one of the most amazing artists. She isn't well-known (not yet, at least) but she has an eye and a gift for drawing and sketching that I've never imagined.

Faleasha Myers and I met through a mutual acquaintance- her sister and my co-worker, Brandi Kucko. Brandi and I were talking back and forth one day at the job and I mentioned that I was outlining a project about a vampire and his love for a human witch. After weeks of talking back and forth, she said, "You'd love my sister. You guys have the same taste in music and she's an awesome artist." After that things just kinda snowballed. I continued to write and I got to know her sister.

Awesome... that isn't quite the word to describe her gift.

Besides being one of the kindest and sweetest people, she's got an uncanny eye for details and a wicked gift to draw. Her work is so lifelike and wonderful. Her interpretation of my characters brought a rich, new depth to them while capturing the innocence of the beginning of their journey. She's also been a tremendous support during the whole writing process.

She and her sister have been cheering me on since day one- before I ever thought that it would be published. They believed in the project when it looked like it might never see the light of day. Now, just three months from publication, it is becoming a reality.

The purpose of today's blog is to highlight the artist that has breathed a unique life into my characters. Faleasha Myers. I am showcasing her for the spectacular work she did for my first novel, The Progeny. Below are the many sites that also showcase her work. I recommend you check her out.

Faleasha's work can be seen:

To contact her about a project:


  1. Thank you for taking a chance on me and believing in my work! :) You have such an amazing ability to tell stories...and Progeny is just the beginning for you! I know you are going to go far! Thanks again!

  2. That is beautiful! Great work :D

  3. I am so proud of you and my sister! I think y'all make a perfect team and it brings me sooo much joy and happiness to see the things that the two of you come up with. My heart gets all gittery and I get chills! Thanks so much for opening up to me about your characters and about you personally. You are amazing as well as my sister and that's why y'all make such a wonderful team! Thanks again for being so awesome!! I'm honored to know you and to be a part of your life!