Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teaser Tuesday...

To kick off the blog party for my upcoming release, THE PROGENY, here is the Prologue. Hope you enjoy it.

Prologue – The Beginning

Salem, Massachusetts September 13, 1692
“Hang him. Burn him. Kill the sorcerer!”
“You are all mad fools!” the prisoner yelled, pushing through the angry mob.
Two enforcers waited atop the dirt hill— one in a black shroud, the other with a blank expression on his weather beaten face.
“You’ll burn in hell!” a woman screamed, tossing a rock at him.
“I’m not guilty!”
“Up you go,” Two executioners laughed, as they tied him to the wooden chair then watched as the masked enforcer approached with a glowing torch.
“Do you want to repent and save your wretched soul before you depart this Earth?” the masked enforcer questioned through his black disguise.
Across the field, the prisoner spotted his son and grandson staring with horror and rage in their eyes.
He spit at the enforcer then shouted, “You people are all crazy! Don’t think for a minute that it won’t be you next time! All it takes is one false accusation and any of you could be standing where I am!”
“Enough stalling, kill him!” another woman screamed.
“Silence,” Andreas shouted, “you blood thirsty wench!”
“Andreas Rousseau, having been charged and found guilty of the crime of witchcraft, your punishment is now being enforced. God have mercy on your soul.”
As the glowing embers rose and the flames licked at him, he laughed and growled.
The crowd gasped in horror.
“I die a fast, painless death,” he shouted, his body writhing inside the flames. “The towns of Salem, Sheridan, Ipswich, and Langley will be cursed for many generations to come! My blood will avenge me! Death is only the beginning! Damn you!” he groaned, the flames licking his cold skin. “Damn you all!”
A blood-curdling scream rose from the combustion as Andreas’ body melted, becoming part of the embers and smoke.
Later that night, after the townsfolk returned to the villages, Gabriel and Jonas gathered his fiery, red ashes into an urn and took them back to France.
The pains of the past can bleed through to subsequent generations, leaving its stain on all who inherit the lineage. Genetics isn’t always the common denominator in a family. Pain can be a very powerful entity, making it a determining factor in the path of future generations. Every bloodline has a history, every family a story. This was the beginning of his…

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