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I had absolutely nothing to blog about. Just wanted to have a post for today since it's a leap year!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kayden's Done it Again-- the next two character cards for The Progeny

Katy and Gabe are joining Ash and Shauna with their own character cards. Many thanks to Kayden McLeod and Otherworlds Publicity for the gorgeous artwork.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On Tour...Hangin' out with Jennifer Labelle

I'm hangin' out with Jennifer Labelle over at There's an interview and the premiere of another steamy excerpt from The Progeny. Also,  stop on in and comment on today's question for the chance to win a PDF copy.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Big Reveal... Trading Cards for Book One of The Progeny Series...

Thanks to Kayden McLeod of Otherworlds Publicity for her beautiful work on the first of a series of trading cards for The Progeny Series. So without further adieu, here are the Ascher and Shauna trading cards for book one. For more information for this awesome designer, visit her at

Saturday, February 18, 2012

How Important is Cover Art?

How Important is Cover Art?

A book’s cover and character art are a big part of marketing and getting a book noticed. An artist's work is the first thing a reader sees before they ever read a word. Sometimes a cover can be the difference between a book being picked up or passed by, in lieu of one that better catches the eye.
To me, a cover should encapsulate and convey the tone of the entire book.
 In my quest for publication I stumbled across one of the most amazing artists—Faleasha Myers. She has an eye and gift for drawing and sketching that I've never imagined.
            We met through a mutual acquaintance—her sister and my co-worker, Brandi. Her work graces the cover of my novel, The Progeny. I’ve always believed in fate and destiny. This chance encounter, and link to such an amazing artist, served to strengthen my beliefs.
With editing, booking tour dates and continuing writing, cover art is something that a writer doesn’t need to be worrying about. Trusting the likeness of your characters to someone is a big deal. I unfortunately got a taste of how bad the development of cover art can be. Luckily, I had Faleasha’s beautiful artwork as a standby.
The first time I glimpsed the picture—that would eventually become my cover—I got chills. It was like finally meeting the characters I’d worked so hard to breathe literary life into. It was amazing.
             Amazing... that isn't quite the word to describe it.
 It was magical.
             I consider my characters like my babies. Essentially, they are because they came from me. In life, we don’t just trust our children to anyone. Our novels are no different. I trust my artist implicitly with developing the images of my characters. She’s proven to me that she is more than capable of taking what she reads and transforming it into images that speak volumes.
I was amazed at how she captured the love that is evident between my couple—and she did this with both of their eyes closed. Her work is so lifelike and wonderful. Her interpretation of my characters brought a rich, new depth to them while capturing the innocence of the beginning of their journey.
In my opinion, the artwork is just as important as what appears inside the book. Without eye-catching visuals to get a reader’s attention, they’d never get to what’s inside.

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On Tour....

I'm having fun over at Shannan Albright's blog today. Stop on in, view her awesome site and get your first look at the R-Rated excerpt from The Progeny. I'm at See ya there!