Monday, May 28, 2012

My poetic tribute to those who serve and the ones they leave behind...

This is my poetic rendering of gratitude for those who give the ultimate sacrifice and the loved ones they leave behind. I thank you for your courage, bravery and sacrifice.

On the Wings of the Doves

Close your eyes and listen to the heavens up above
Don't be frightened; it's just me, on the wings of the doves
I fought long and hard, I did my very best
Now God's called me home so that I can rest
Don't cry or be sad, God's will has been done
Look for me in the moonlight; search for me in the sun
Although I am missing you, you are not alone
I'll always watch over you, until God calls you home
Whenever you feel lonely, look inside and feel my love
Don't worry I'm okay; I'm flying up above
I've seen so much evil, a world filled with strife
But I had enough hope to gladly give my life
Don't be angry, just look for me; I'm floating up above
I'll always watch over you from the wings of the doves

Ashlynne Laynne

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