Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sexy Sample Saturday #1

Steamy Excerpt from The Progeny
Ascher gently twinned their hands, clasping their fingers together, while burying his head in the pillow to escape the desire to bite her. Each thrust made her nails dig into his palms. His body hyper aware of her every breath and heartbeat, he stroked her softly, gently, his hips moving in a slow circular motion. After several gentle strokes, he finally broke through her virgin’s barrier. The urge to bite her resurfaced as the need to be closer to her overwhelmed him.
He couldn’t get close enough.
Pleasurable waves sped up his spine, causing him to groan with pleasure. After the desire to bite her passed, he lifted his head from the pillow. The love in her dark eyes flashed a blinding light back at him. He never would’ve imagined that he could love someone so much. Nor could he imagine that she would so easily adapt to his reddened glare. She stared into his eyes with the same blind love that she always had.
The struggle within him to be gentle began.
The sensations filling his body were too pleasurable. It felt too good and a swift urge to bite her gripped him again, as he remembered the deliciousness of her blood. Tiny beads of sweat saturated his forehead as his fangs burst through the gums, demanding a blood sacrifice for their efforts. He threw his head back into the pillow to hide from the hypnotic pulse of her carotid.
A low growl escaped his clenched teeth. He wouldn’t hurt her and he didn’t care how much it pained him to abstain.
“Ascher.” She squeezed then gripped his hands tighter.
Guilt—he was hurting her.
“I’m so sorry,” he murmured. “Do you want me to stop?”
“I knew there would be pain, but I don’t want you to stop,” she whispered.
“Pain is not the same as pleasure,” he whispered back.
She gave his back a reassuring stroke. “I’m okay, I promise.”
“You feel so amazing,” he moaned, his lips resting against her ear. It did. Nothing could’ve prepared him for the rush of sensations and emotions he felt.
Fire burned at his spine while tingles pricked along his body.
Their bodies moved together as each thrust buried them deeper into one another. She tore at him, scratching his back with a wild frenzy that wound him even tighter. The powerful sensations he felt, and the rough scratching on his back awakened primal urges in him.
Ascher fought to stay in control to hold back his wilder, less inhibited side. Her fragile mortality made her too delicate. He could crush her without even trying.

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