Friday, July 6, 2012

A Friday Night Fright...

Writing this scene scared the crap out of me...

“Elma di Lechio lived in a house on top of Gezza. No one ever went up there. The kids were too afraid. They said that she had all kinds of potions and herbs on her windowsills. I never saw them for myself. We called her il diavolo di morte—the devil of death. We learned from a young age to fear and avoid her. Marco Lorenzi swore that he saw a man go up to her house once, and he never returned. This man supposedly stole a gold bar from her. Townsfolk said you could hear his tortured screams down in the valley.

“It’s said that she cursed him with a single touch and word.” Her eyes narrowed. “She rubbed his arm and called him ladro or thief. No one ever heard from him again. A week later, they found his clothing with a satchel of dust on top. Only it wasn’t dust. It smelled foul and had teeth and bits of bone in it. The powder was ashes.” She flashed her glowing gray gaze. “His ashes...”

-Uma Meikos, Blood Bonds