Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sexy Excerpt from Blood Bonds...The Storms of Love

Fire and ice now coursed every sinew in her body, existing everywhere at once, just as pain and pleasure sometimes inhabited her when they made love—each exerting its will, refusing to be conquered. She felt powerful and submissive. He did that to her, made her conflicted and his morphing eyes did nothing to remedy that affliction.

He growled then grabbed her to him, claiming her mouth with his demanding kiss and impatient tongue. Her neck fell back in invitation, and he obliged her with tender kisses and gentle sucking against the soft skin, while his touch sent sensual voltage to her core.

He flashed his bright red eyes as their bodies hovered and flipped with his body on top.

The sexual tension coursed heavy with the shockwaves of current passing between them. Each touch was a jolt, burning her wherever his fingers lingered. Clothing disappeared amidst a soundtrack of the falling rain, ravenous moaning and the ripping of fabric. She didn’t care about anything but being closer to him and having his hands on her, their bodies together with no boundaries obstructing their passion. Her heart raced—beating so furiously that she thought she might have a heart attack. His cock breached her waiting pussy, fueling and quenching her yearning for him with deeply penetrating thrusts.

“More,” she pleaded in a voice thick and heady with hunger. She couldn’t get him close enough. No depth of penetration seemed to reach the fire blazing inside her. Her frustrated arms forced him closer, cementing their bodies until their pelvic bones rocked against one another. He was a perfect fit, completely filling her with the reassurance that their lovemaking always brought.

His body quivered as he pierced her with crimson colored eyes.

“Faster!” she demanded, thrusting her body against his, intensifying the strokes.

His breaths quickened as his eyes rolled in his head.

Twining her legs around his waist, she meshed him to her, squeezing herself around him. The tingle was there, taunting her, spurring the itch that only her orgasm could scratch. She wanted it and she wanted him deeper. 

He plunged inside of her, the slow movements stirring and bringing her closer to the brink.

“Yes…yes…don’t stop!”
Ascher groaned, “Shauna,” through clenched teeth while clutching her hips to control her wild thrusting. “What’s with you tonight?”

He was stiff as steel, his heart hammering and pulsing out a pleading rhythm. She was anxious and squirmy, her nails tearing at his flesh. He’d never seen her so voracious. The pulsations inside her and the rough thrusting lashed at him, bringing him into the danger zone. She’s your human wife and you can’t hurt her. Slow things down. “Sweetheart, wait. I could hurt you if we aren’t careful.”

“You won’t hurt me. Don’t worry and whatever you do, don’t stop!” Her neck craned back, the skin taut and her carotid pulsating. “Oh, God.”

Thunder boomed outside.

She pulled his lips to hers, driving her tongue into his mouth. Each flick forced the fire closer to his shaft, the stiffness turning into an engorged type of pain. He was worried about hurting her, but she was hurting him.

Lightning flashed outside and rain crashed against the window. The raging storm only mimicked the surge of adrenaline, hormones and fever erupting in him.

A string of demands flew from her mouth. “More…deeper…faster…don’t stop!”

His heart thundered as he pounded into her with everything he had, his head still foggy from the crash. He stroked her deeper, harder, with as much force as he could muster, the lightheadedness blurring his thoughts and vision.

Release was coming—hers and his.

Another bolt of lightning flashed outside, striking a tree near the pool. A loud swoosh came as a limb plummeted into the water.

Goosebumps prickled the surface of his skin as her nails dug into his back. “Oh God, baby.” The prickles became currents of pure ecstasy rushing along his nerves.

“Ah,” she moaned against his neck, gripping his ass to urge him deeper.

“You want me deeper?” he asked in a husky voice that signaled his nearing the edge of the precipice. He fought to restrain himself, but found that his cock now had a mind of its own. He couldn’t stop. “Oh, fuck,” he whimpered as he delved deeper and pushed harder. In. Out. Each slick stroke forced more electricity to his spine, crushing his control and blurring his vision with blood. His head fell back as he felt himself swell inside her.

Shauna bent her legs, placing the soles of her feet on his shoulders until her pussy completely enveloped him with its warm silkiness. Her insides clenched then clamped down around him as she met each of his thrusts with one of her own. “Come on, Ascher.”

“It’s so good,” he groaned, darting his tongue into her mouth, absorbing the tantalizing taste of her. “Baby, you feel so fucking good.”  His eyes rolled as he lost himself in the her. It was hard for him to believe that he went his entire existence without the extraordinary pleasure of a climax inside the woman he loved. Sensual explosions erupted as his release rocked him, bringing a satisfying surge of relief.

He stilled, bringing her legs down and around his hips, pressing his head against her chest to listen to the sweet thumping of her precious heart. Her fingers gently raked through his hair as they lay completely silent, listening to one another’s breaths. Repositioning himself so that they were side-by-side and face to face, Ascher fixated his stare on her eyes as he slipped inside her aching sheath. Their mouths joined, his tongue imitating the slow circling of his hips and strokes inside her, dipping and probing while slowly stroking in and out.

This relentless rhythm was the best way to make her come.

She moaned into his mouth and cried out his name as her body convulsed beneath him. The storm ceased with her orgasm, slowing as her heartbeat and breathing returned to normal—he’d never experienced anything like it.

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