Friday, August 31, 2012

Bye Bye Babyface. Hello Grown Man Sexxxxy!!!!!

Ascher in Blood Promise
Ascher in The Progeny and Blood Bonds

In book three Ascher undergoes a physical transformation that thrusts him into alphahood. Gone is the body that was "more adolescent than man." Meet Alpha Ascher. He's sexy, confident and gives Shauna all she can handle-in and out of the bed. Need proof? Check out this hot sniplet from the upcoming Blood Promise:

Sheathed deep, he felt every tremor and ripple inside her. It was too much, the heat inside her, the sensual movement of their hungry bodies, the sensation of her gliding up and down his pulsating length. He swore again as the beginnings of climax coursed his body, waves of ice water quenching the inferno raging inside. His eyes peered into hers, his shaky hands grabbing her undulating hips, encouraging their delicious driving.

She melted in his embrace as her core burned and quivered around him, squeezing and spurring his climax to the surface.

“That’s it, baby. Feel me. Feel how much I love you and never forget it.” 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Labelle Books: The Progeny Series with Ashlynne Laynne

Labelle Books: The Progeny Series with Ashlynne Laynne: I'm happy to have the lovely Ashlynne Laynne on Labelle Books with us. Today she gives us first dibs on a picture reveal of her character, A...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sexy Six Sentence Sunday Preview from the upcoming Blood Promise

To celebrate my new blog, I decided to showcase the reason for the change. My writing is darker and more intense and  both my sites will soon reflect that.

With a stiff tongue, she lapped a slick circuit along the veins coursing his pulsing length and around the delicate skin of his cock head. A wave of desire swept him, submerging his docile nature and awakening the primitive beast within. A throaty growl emerged from the depths of his belly, as her mouth slipped up and down his thickened shaft. Her full lips drew in his swollen crown, gently pulling on the tender tissue. His eyes rolled as her tongue tunneled into the sensitive slit, leaving behind her crimson kiss as she extracted a thick burst of pre cum.

Claws sprang from his fingertips and his lengthened fangs bit at his bottom lip.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shauna and Ascher's Big Day Photo

When I began fleshing out The Progeny almost two years ago, I knew that I would join Ash and Shauna in some sort of ceremony as a symbol of their love. Without giving too much away, I'll just say that it is an amazing part of the second book that fits the unique nature of my couple. My cover artist, Faleasha, took time and lovingly drew this picture of the happy couple. Her unbelievable grasp and love of my characters shows with each project she does. Her work tugs at your heart and screams emotion at you. This is her latest rendering for the Progeny Series. Ain't it beautiful?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uniquely Moi Books: The Progeny Series: Blood Bonds is now released

Uniquely Moi Books: The Progeny Series: Blood Bonds is now released: At its core, The Progeny is simply a story about a man and woman who fall in love, and the fact that he’s a half-blood (half-human, half va...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Author Spotlight: Love's Prophecy by Brenda Dyer

Vampire Warriors Ahoy! Review of Love’s Prophecy by Brenda Dyer.

Love’s Prophecy Blurb:

Dark warriors of might...

Mel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver. But he's burdened with a new assignment: find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy. Having no faith in the gods and their empty words, he believes there's no truth to the ancient legend until he meets Breeana, a human woman who bears the mark of the prophecy and resembles the mysterious woman haunting his dreams. When a vengeful demon spies Breeana in his arms, she is marked for death. He must take her from the world she knows until he can eliminate the threat. But the real danger is the role Breeana must play in fulfilling the prophecy and the intense feelings she brings out in him. Mel is forced to choose between his obligations to his kind, the world, and the woman he loves. Does he have the courage to let the one woman who could heal his wounded heart and soul go, or will he risk her life and bind her to him for all eternity?

Small warriors of light...

Veterinarian, Dr. Breeana Spencer yearns for love and companionship, but the disappointment of failed relationships has left her bitter. She now finds solace in romance novels. But when she meets a mysterious stranger, she's drawn to him by a connection so forceful it shatters all reason, leaving her incapable of resisting him. Yet there's more to him than smoldering good looks and a rock-hard body. As she's drawn deeper into his danger-filled world, she learns she's part of an ancient vampire legend. Breeana fears her future is no longer hers and will not include Mel. As their enemies close in, desperate to destroy them both, she must fight to convince Mel her place is at his side. A life-altering choice is before her—one that will take all her courage and love to make.

My Take on Love’s Prophecy

Let me preface this book review with the fact that I tend to avoid vamp books, simply because it’s my writing genre. Love’s Prophecy made me break my rule (and boy am I glad that I did). Since Twilight, the market has saturated with vampire literature and the undead, garlic- fearing, hates wolves thing has been done to death. In order for a vampire book to be successful, it must offer something new and different. Love’s Prophecy accomplishes this. Brenda Dyer’s vamps are hot lovemaking, blood drinking, demon slaying, food eating immortal gods with a sensitive side.

And really...who says vamps can’t have a heart?

Brenda Dyer owes me a week’s worth of sleep. My husband thought I’d gone insane. I’d lie in bed clutching my Kindle like it was holding electronic crack. Hmmm...Electronic crack would be a good phrase to describe the e-book version of this fabulous book. I’d reason with myself, “Just one more page,” then one page turned into two and three and before I knew it, my clock said 4 am, and I had to haul my addicted ass to work.

The thing that was particularly strong in this story was the characterization. Breeana and Mel are complete people within themselves, and meeting one another only strengthens this. Mel is tortured about his oppressive and awful past, and Breeana accepts him as he is. Her love ultimately frees him of his inner demons. This was the most compelling part about this love story. Brenda Dyer shows us the true healing power of unconditional love.

This book comprised so many elements—vampires, demons, an ancient prophecy, sex and romance. Whip all of those things together and what do you get...a freakin awesome story. Let me just tell you that I’ll never see a pie without thinking about that hot kitchen scene.

Make mine a side of vampire beefcake and pie! Yummmm!

Love’s Prophecy is a 5 Star trip to a dark world where demons walk amongst us, and our very survival depends on kick-ass vampire warriors to keep us safe. You can’t get more original than that!

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