Friday, August 31, 2012

Bye Bye Babyface. Hello Grown Man Sexxxxy!!!!!

Ascher in Blood Promise
Ascher in The Progeny and Blood Bonds

In book three Ascher undergoes a physical transformation that thrusts him into alphahood. Gone is the body that was "more adolescent than man." Meet Alpha Ascher. He's sexy, confident and gives Shauna all she can handle-in and out of the bed. Need proof? Check out this hot sniplet from the upcoming Blood Promise:

Sheathed deep, he felt every tremor and ripple inside her. It was too much, the heat inside her, the sensual movement of their hungry bodies, the sensation of her gliding up and down his pulsating length. He swore again as the beginnings of climax coursed his body, waves of ice water quenching the inferno raging inside. His eyes peered into hers, his shaky hands grabbing her undulating hips, encouraging their delicious driving.

She melted in his embrace as her core burned and quivered around him, squeezing and spurring his climax to the surface.

“That’s it, baby. Feel me. Feel how much I love you and never forget it.” 

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  1., not only has Ascher grown, but so have you!