Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sexy Six Sentence Sunday Preview from the upcoming Blood Promise

To celebrate my new blog, I decided to showcase the reason for the change. My writing is darker and more intense and  both my sites will soon reflect that.

With a stiff tongue, she lapped a slick circuit along the veins coursing his pulsing length and around the delicate skin of his cock head. A wave of desire swept him, submerging his docile nature and awakening the primitive beast within. A throaty growl emerged from the depths of his belly, as her mouth slipped up and down his thickened shaft. Her full lips drew in his swollen crown, gently pulling on the tender tissue. His eyes rolled as her tongue tunneled into the sensitive slit, leaving behind her crimson kiss as she extracted a thick burst of pre cum.

Claws sprang from his fingertips and his lengthened fangs bit at his bottom lip.

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  1. Your site is BEAUTIFUL. Wow!
    Ashlynne, I love your six. Your writing has sure changed--sexy and hot!