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Paws with a Cause ~ Interview with Brandi Kucko

Today, I'm pleased to welcome Brandi Kucko to Paranormal Romance and Beyond. She's a dear friend, lover of all fur babies and fur mommy to Roscoe P. Coltrane, Dena and Delilah. 

Brandi and Roscoe
 The Interview

Dena and Delilah

Tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, age, occupation, where you live) - The name is Brandi Kucko. I am 23 years old and I work as a Receptionist at Great Clips part time as well as a Server part time at North Point Grill. I live in North Carolina with my parents and family at the moment until I can get back on my feet after an extreme event that changed my life. I enjoy doing daily Vlogs on my Youtube Channel which show my daily life activities.

How long have you been a fur mommy? – Including the very first fur baby that I had on my own who is now passed, I have been a fur mommy for 3 years now. At times I consider myself to have been a fur mommy since I was little due to always having dogs.

Sweet little Degus

How many fur babies do you have? Names? Breed? Ages? – I have 3 fur babies of my own now. I have one Dog and two Degus. My Dog’s name is Roscoe P. Coltrane. He is also known as Roscoe Poscoe, Poscoe, Paco, Boogers, and Boogies. He is a brown Miniature Pinscher with beautiful white wings on his shoulders. His re-birth birthday is February 22, 2010 which is when I got him at 2 years old. They didn’t know when he was really born; they only knew he was 2. So he will be 3 years old in 2 days! Now, my Degus are not Dogs. They are actually rodents from Chile but they are still my fur babies. Their names are Dena and Delilah. Both of them are females and sisters from the same litter. They don’t have any nicknames or middle names yet. They are almost a year and a half old. They were born August 24, 2011 and I got them November 26, 2011.

Nap Time

What is your favorite part about being a fur mommy? Least favorite? My most favorite part about being a fur mommy is the fact that they know me as their mommy. They trust me more than anyone else. They look for me to give them directions and also that unconditional love they give when they want something. ;-) I love coming home to Roscoe jumping for me to pick him up and giving me those lovely kisses. I love when he wants me to wake up, he will paw at my face and then bury his head into my neck and then he will lay his neck across my neck. Sometimes he will cover my nose and mouth with his neck because he knows I’ll jump up to breathe. He’s crazy! I don’t think that I have a least favorite part about being a fur mommy. The vet bills might be the only thing I hate but you can ask anyone, I will do anything and everything I have to, to pay for any vet visits and I don’t regret one single visit.

Eyes Wide Awake

What is your favorite breed of dog or cat? – I really don’t have a FAVORITE to be honest with you. I love all breeds of all animals and couldn’t choose because they all have their perks. I would love to have a cat again someday and a variety of animals throughout my life. 

Do you dress your fur child(ren) in clothing? – Of course! I can’t dress the Degus in clothing though, one because they are so small and two because they could get caught in their wheel or on something in their cage and harm them. I miss having a girl dog though because I miss buying dresses and cutesy outfits for her. I used to have a miniature Dachshund/Chihuahua (Chaweenie) named Daisy Duke and she was the cutest little brown eyed girl ever! Miss her every day. 

Sleepy Roscoe
What is your favorite memory of your fur baby? – That’s a hard question. Every day is a favorite memory of mine. I remember the day I brought Roscoe home. Daisy had always been an only child and at 6 years old, I was worried that she might react negatively to him. She had been fine with the Degus (other than trying to eat one of them when I first brought them home) but another dog, that might be a different story. I introduced them and they did a little growling and Roscoe ran all over her. She wasn’t used to that at all because she was so quiet and content with it being just her. Roscoe on the other hand, was psycho! It had gotten to the point where Daisy finally took control again and put Roscoe in his place. She never let other dogs run her over and when she wanted to be heard, she was heard. Finally after a few weeks, they became inseparable. They were joined at the hip and did everything together. The day that the 2 loves of my life became inseparable, was probably the best day and happiest memory. As far as the Degus, those little girls have a completely different place of love in my heart. They are extremely smart and it gets a bit ridiculous at times. I remember when I first got them I took them out and had a huge fort made out of cardboard surrounding me in the living room. They would crawl up my pant legs and up onto my shoulders and curl up in my hair. 

Unconditional Love
How would you categorize your fur baby’s temperament (happy, cranky, spunky, etc.)? – Roscoe is generally a calm dog,  but is also very spunky. He likes to be the center of attention and gets very jealous if I’m on my phone texting or not paying him attention 24/7. Absolutely an attention hog. He hops and gallops like a little deer which we swear he is sometimes. Very curious and loves to cuddle when he’s not running around causing trouble in the house. If he’s not running around your feet, he can be found under a blanket. Degus are very social animals in general but Dena is shy for the most part and keeps to herself most of the time when humans are around. She is very vocal though. She will let you know what’s up. Delilah is the more social of the two. She will come right up to the cage door to get your attention to get her belly rubbed and to get a Cheerio. You usually have to take the Cheerio to Dena. They love to talk to each other and to you. That is not a joke either. ;-)

Do you have any advice for those who may be thinking about fur mommy but still aren’t sure? – My main piece of advice for anyone who is thinking about becoming a fur mommy to any kind of animal is this. Please, please, please make sure that you do all the research possible on the species, the breed, the age, the health, and any other possible things that you need to know about the animal you are wanting. Also make sure that you are prepared financially to take care of the fur baby. Vet bills, annual check ups, vaccines, any kind of unexpected problems and please most of all, if you are considering on becoming a fur mommy, make sure that you’re not going to return them or take them back. It needs to be a permanent responsibility. Also, do your best to adopt! They require a lot of attention. Physically and mentally. It irritates me to no end when I see or hear of people who get an animal and just leave it in a cage all day long because they don’t want to deal with taking care of them. Or when they return them after only a few months because it was too much of a responsibility.  

Thank you, Brandi, for being part of Paranormal Romance and Beyond’s Paws with a Cause Blog Week! Brandi does a daily vlog all about her crazy life, close knit family and her fabulous fur babies. Drop by and subscribe to THE SHORT ONE 411 VLOG

It was an honor to be a part of this interview! Something that I believe in with every piece of my being!

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