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Paws with a Cause ~ Interview with Faleasha Myers

As part of the Paws with a Cause charity event, I'm interviewing close friends who have pet babies of their own. Today, I'm interviewing the fan artist for my Progeny series, Faleasha Myers. She's been kind enough to drop in and tell us about her fur babies-- Pepper, Cody, Dylan and Dakota. 


Tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, age, occupation, where you live)
My name is Faleasha Myers. I am a 26 year old Digital Artist and blogger from North Carolina.  My hobbies include playing with my furbabies, doing my art, watching wrestling, reading, watching all kinds of movies and crazy tv-shows and any other nerd thing. J

How long have you been a fur mommy?
I am technically only a “sister” to my furbabies. They are family pets, so I am a fur sister. J We have had pets since I was a baby so…all of my life.                  

How many fur babies do you have? Names? Breed? Ages?
We currently have 4 furbabies. In order of how they became a part of our family, we have Cody Jo(aka Bunny/Monkey/Biney) who is an 8 year old Papillion. Then we have Dakota Skye(aka Bug/Buggin/Miss Bug/Mama) who is a 7 year old Beagle/Dachshund mix. We also have Pepper Raines(aka Pep/Bit/Bit Bit/Pep Pep) who is a 4 year old Schnauzer. Last but certainly not least, we have Dylan Roy(aka Doodle/Dill Pickle/Picklepants/Doodlepants/Old Man) who is an 11 year old Maltese.


What is your favorite part about being a fur mommy? Least favorite?
My favorite part about having furbabies is that they always love you unconditionally. No matter how bad of a day I have had, they are always there to make me smile and snuggle with. That’s another favorite part of having furbabies…the SNUGGLING!!! J I really don’t have a least favorite part. I could not imagine life without a furbaby. Well, one thing I don’t like is when they are hurting or are sick. It breaks my heart when one of mine are hurting.

What is your favorite breed of dog or cat?
Oooo…I have no favorite. I love all furbabies…no matter the breed.

Do you dress your fur child(ren) in clothing?
Haha Of course! Well, only when they are cold, I put little shirts on  them. Dylan even has a dog Snuggie! He wears it quite often! J

What is your favorite memory of your fur baby?
There are really too many. Any little thing they do to make me happy is a favorite memory. When they snuggle with me at night, or paw at me when they want something…do cute little tricks. For instance, Cody sometimes gets so excited to get a treat that he will start doing all his tricks in order all at once! So funny!

How would you categorize your fur baby’s temperament (happy, cranky, spunky, etc.)?
Well, Cody is a super, hyper barker and licker. He is smart and does what he’s told until he hears a noise or someone comes in the door, then he goes ballistic! Haha Dakota is a laid back, chill little fatty. ;) haha Seriously, all she does is lay around all day. She hardly ever barks and when she does, you know something is going on that you should be concerned about. She is a super sweetheart and loves a belly rub. She’s a cuddler and loves everyone and she usually is everyone’s favorite. Pepper…my goodness…Pepper is a spitfire little psycho! Honestly, most people really don’t like her. She is hyper, barks at everything and always antagonizes the other dogs. But when it’s time to go to bed, she is the cutest, sweetest little snuggle baby. She really is a sweetheart…you just have to know her. When she wants you to wake up or get your attention, she will paw you in the face or stick her mouth on your face and hold it there. Dylan is a grumpy old manbaby. J He always has to have someone holding him and he wants to sit with you but if you touch him, he growls. Haha Well, he does that to me anyway…I just break it down to him being an old man. ;) I love them all dearly!

Do you have any advice for those who may be thinking about fur mommy but still aren’t sure?
Do it! There is nothing better than having a furbaby. Like I said before, I couldn’t imagine life without one. I do, however say that make 100% sure that you have the time to commit to them.  They are like children and require attention and can be costly so make sure you can do it before you get one. Nothing makes me more upset than someone who gets a pet and then returns them. No matter the attention they require or the amount they cost, it IS all worth it. They are loving, devoted little souls who do nothing but brighten your day and love you.

Thank you so much Faleasha for being part of Paranormal Romance and Beyond’s Paws with a Cause Blog Week. Remember to get involved everyone.  As a special thank you, I'm offering a free e-copy of my latest book as a gift. Just leave a comment and your email address below. 

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  1. Thank you for participating in spreading awareness for this important cause. I am enjoying hopping around and learning about all these awesome family friends :)