Friday, April 12, 2013

Guest Author Series ~ Interview with Marquaylla Lorette

Today I welcome Marquaylla Lorette to PRaB. 

The Interview:

Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself.

I am from Richmond, CA it is close to San Francisco, CA (just fifteen miles away).  I am a twenty three year old college student studying English Literature and Writing.  I love getting lost in a story and forgetting about everything else around me.

What made you want to be an author?

Growing up I was never much of a talker, so when I needed to say something I wrote it.  I also, love writing spoken word a lot.  Also, I really do not like stories that you can predict easily, so I decided to write stories that you couldn’t.

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like the least?

I love getting my stories out there and watching my characters come to life.  The least is the lack of sleep, but I have that problem even I don’t write.  I am a night person.  

Are you a plotter or a pantser, i.e., do you outline your books ahead of time or are you an “organic” writer?

I cannot outline to save my life.  I got in trouble in school a lot for not outlining.   

What influences your writing? And why?

I can be anywhere and a butterfly could fly by and boom, I got an idea or another book.  Random things in life or in my head gets me going.

Name one thing readers don’t know about you.

Snakes freak me out, and I have to sleep with either the light or television on.  Because if not I think, I am going to step on a snake in the dark and it will bite me.  Weird I know huh….

Are love scenes easy/difficult for you to write?

They’re easy for me.  It is like I can see my characters in my head living it out and I just write it down.

Do you have another career besides writing? What is it?

I have been a family babysitter (just cannot say no to the kids) since I was eight and a college student.

What hobbies do you enjoy when not writing?

Reading since it helps me calm my mind, and I love getting lost in different stories.

If you could be any supernatural creature, what would it be and why?

I so would have to be a half-breed, half Fae and half wolf like in my first series.

If you had one take away piece of advice for authors, what would it be?

Not everybody would like what you write, but that doesn’t mean stop writing.  

Do you have any future project that we can look for?

Yes, I do book two in the Isle of Paradise Battle Series:  A time For Change!  

Tell us more about Alpha Battle.

It is about a girl name Jadelyn who discovers she is a latent shifter. Causing the entire Isle she lives on to turn their backs on her—everyone except for a few friends and her father, who is the current Alpha. Jadelyn is next in line to take the title of Alpha when her father steps down, but since she is a latent shifter, there are those who will not accept her as the next Alpha, so the Alpha Battle begins instead.  Not everyone is content with a latent on the Isle of Paradise. Jadelyn has received death threats to try to drive her off the Isle. She is determined to prove them wrong and gain their respect by winning the Alpha Battle and taking her rightful place as Alpha. 
Eighteen years after his mother’s death and his family moving off the isle, Eli is finally returning home. Where he discovers someone has been trying to draw a wedge between him and those he loves. Jadelyn and Eli join forces to uncover the secrets of the Isle of Paradise, as well as the secrets surrounding both of their mothers’ tragic deaths. They have to uncover the secrets some residents on the Isle are hiding in enough time to save the whole Isle from being invaded by Evil.

Do you have an excerpt for us?

Of course!
Jadelyn was his mate.  Now he understood the strong connection they had when they were younger, and why she was the only female shifter he could see being a part of his future.  Before he could open his mouth, Jadelyn brushed past him as she made her exit, with the Enforcers following closely behind her.  He tried to follow her to see what was wrong, but Ace grabbed him before he could exit the VIP room and pulled him toward the bar.   
Eli was shocked and he didn’t understand why Jadelyn was angry with him when he should have been the one angry with her for sending back his letters unopened for the past eighteen years.  From the letters Ace wrote him over the years, he knew Jadelyn was still stubborn and wouldn’t tell him anything until she was ready.  So instead of following behind her and getting nowhere with her, he decided to ask Ace since he knew Ace would know something.  Eli turned to the left on the barstool so he could face Ace while he asked him the questions running through his mind, giving him a headache as each question chased the next. 
He needed to make sure he was being truthful with him and not just taking Jadelyn’s side.  “I am going to ask you some questions and I need you to be truthful with me, even if you think it will hurt me or Jadelyn.  This is too important.  Shit, why is she mad at me?  I mean, fuck, we just found out we are mates, something we dreamed about happening since we were kids?”
Ace looked at him with a strange look on his face.  “You have got to be fucking kidding me, right?  She hasn’t seen you since you guys were twelve years old, and on top of that, you fucking never wrote her back after all the times she had written you over the years.”  The stunned look on Eli’s face was enough for them both to gulp down their drinks before listening to his answer. 
“What the fuck do you mean she wrote me over the years and I haven’t responded?  I am the one who never received a letter from her, even though I sent letter after letter to her since I left this Isle.  All my letters were sent back to me unopened, and I even sent letters to the both of you asking about the unopened letters, but you never responded back about them,” Eli said as he looked at Ace.  He was trying to understand what exactly Ace was saying to him.
“Eli, she sent you a letter the next day after you left, actually, all of us wrote you together and was standing right next to her father when he sent them all off to you.  We received your letters, but Jadelyn never did and after a few months, shit, she gave up on trying to get you to write her back.  We even asked you in our letters why you weren’t responding to Jadelyn’s letters,” Ace answered since he was still confused. 
When he absorbed everything Ace had told him, Eli stood up and made his way toward the door.  Before he pulled the glass door open, he turned around to Ace and said with a growl in his voice, “I was writing her, I have all the letters I wrote her locked away on my bike.  I have no idea what the fuck is going on, but I am going to find out.  Warn everyone to stay the fuck out of my way while I do.”  

Where can readers find more about your stories, books and you on the Internet?

You can find me at or Blog:  
Twitter: @MarquayAuthor

Now for my fast five: 

Angels or Demons?
Angels love their wings.

Vampires or werewolves?
Such a hard choice I like werewolves just a tiny bit more.

Coffee or Chocolate?
Coffee since I do not like chocolate at all.

Early Morning or Late Night?
Defiantly late night!

E-book or Paperback?
E-books for sure.

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