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Guest Author Series ~ Spotlight on Marquaylla Lorette's A Time for Change

Paranormal Romance and Beyond is thrilled to have Marquaylla Lorette back for a spotlight on book two of the Isle of Paradise series, A Time for Change.

A Time For Change by Marquaylla Lorette
Book two in the Isle of Paradise Series

Word Count: 56715

In Book Two of The Isle of Paradise series: James is a mixed shifter living on the human side of the world since his parents had to flee the Isle of Paradise thirty years ago. Back then, many shifters weren’t thrilled with having a mixed shifter couple on the Isle. After receiving death threats, and countless attempts on their lives, they finally left to protect their unborn child. 
Thirty years later, James’s parents are killed, and James flees back to the Isle of Paradise with his sister, Charity, after barely escaping the clutches of their parents’ killers. To the one person he knows that can help him and his sister, his best friend, Eli. There he discovers his mates and a life he only dreamed of, but there are some questions he has to get answers to before it is too late.
Chelsea and Ace have been dreaming of finding their mate for years now. When their mate arrives, they are in the middle of The Beta Battle and building an unsegregated school for the different shifters on the Isle. But there are those out there who don’t want to see them succeed.
Can they finally bring the Isle together, let go of the past to accept their future, and be able to win the Beta Battle?

Warning: MMF

Chelsea slipped into the front of the tub and moaned, the hot water felt good against her body.  Ace and James followed her into the tub, which was big enough for four people.  They each took a seat, leaned back, closing their eyes and enjoyed the jets pulsing against their tired bodies. 
James felt the water move around him and cracked his eyes open just as Chelsea spoke.  They had been in the jetting water for a good thirty minutes. 
“This has felt good, but how about we get out of here before I turn to mush,” said Chelsea as she stood and her naked curvy body glistened with water. 
James looked at Ace who couldn’t take his lust-filled eyes off her.  Ace stood immediately, grabbed a washcloth, added Chelsea’s soap, and slowly started to wash her body.  Damn!  He thought his cock couldn’t get any harder, until the moment Ace stood as well.  The blood in his body came alive.  He couldn’t sit through this, it would have been torture not to touch one of his mates as he watched Ace touching Chelsea, so he stood, not wanting to be left out.  As soon as he lifted his head, he noticed both sets of eyes now on him, both with the hunger they held for him showing in their eyes.  He grinned, knowing what his mates were thinking by the looks on their faces.  They wanted him. 
He grabbed a washcloth from the side of the tub, soaped it up, and moved behind Chelsea.  Looking over Chelsea’s shoulder, he looked Ace up and down, admiring his mate’s strong, cut body.  Damn, I’m lucky, having two sexy mates, he thought.  He started washing Chelsea’s back, running the washcloth over her shoulders, down her back, to her ass, where he teased her rosette, rimming it twice, until he heard her intake of breath, smirking, because he could smell her arousal.  He continued working the washcloth down her legs and noticed that Ace was working his washcloth over Chelsea’s front, circling her breasts, pinching her nipples through the washcloth until Ace pulled a moan from her as well.  As he stood, Ace worked his way down her body, washing her soft skin as he went.  He watched over Chelsea’s shoulder as Ace ran the washcloth over her mound, bypassing her clit, the place where he could tell by her movement, she most wanted rubbed while Ace continued down her legs.  As Ace knelt in front of Chelsea, he brought his hands down Chelsea’s sides, grazing the side of her breasts, running his hands under her breasts, and grabbing them.  Ace leaned in and with his nose pressed to Chelsea’s mound, inhaled, taking in her arousal.  Ace brought his hands up her legs to her pretty pink folds, and spread them until he could see her clit peeking out.
“Lick her, Ace, taste her,” he encouraged Ace.  Ace looked up at him, and not breaking eye contact, he swiped his tongue from her slit to her clit, tasting her spicy sweetness.  He could hear Ace moaning in approval.  Chelsea’s head fell back on his shoulder when Ace leaned forward again for another taste.  If he wasn’t holding her up, Chelsea’s legs would have buckled.  He chuckled, they had her just where they wanted her.  
“How about we take this to the bedroom?” Ace suggested to Chelsea and him. 
“Not a bad idea, man.  Wash up while I rinse our mate, then you can dry her off and take her to the bedroom while I finish washing,” he said to Ace.
“Sounds good to me,” Ace said as he quickly started to wash himself.
James turned Chelsea to face him.  He leaned toward her, kissing her with pure passion.  He nibbled on her lip and she kissed him back, tasting him in return.  He pulled her in closer, running his hands through her hair as their tongues darted into each other’s mouths, exploring and colliding, in a smooth journey.  He could feel Chelsea’s excitement by her hardened nipples as they pressed into his chest.  Chelsea’s chest was already heaving, his kiss causing her to lose her breath.
James’s blood felt alive as he kissed Chelsea with raw emotion.  He never thought he would get a chance to feel like this.  He let how he felt about her pour out into their kiss, leaving him lightheaded.  He knew everything was more intense with the person you loved.
He broke the kiss, placing his forehead on Chelsea’s and took deep breaths to gain control.  He turned the shower on and placed Chelsea’s body under the running water to rinse her off, then he handed her to Ace since Ace was finished washing himself.  After he watched Ace wrap Chelsea in a towel and take her into the bedroom, he quickly washed and rinsed himself, and donned his own towel, not wanting to miss any of the fun.
Walking into the room, he watched for a minute as Ace and Chelsea kissed.  It was raw and it was passionate, seeing the way Ace held his hand possessively through Chelsea’s hair on the back of her head, holding her where he wanted her so he could dominate the carnal kiss.  He watched as Chelsea pulled slightly away, looked into Ace’s eyes and bit his bottom lip, hard, causing Ace’s eyes to dilate, she smirked then licked his lip, taking away the sting.  He started walking toward them, not wanting to be left out any longer.
 “We both want you, baby.  We want you together, this time,” James’s words were punctuated by his mouth landing on her neck, sucking and biting, leaving Chelsea a whimpering mess.  One hand entangled in her hair and pulled it, jerking her head back to angle her neck, giving him better access to the wide plane of flesh.  His kisses, licks, and nibbles moved to the spot at the bottom of her throat.  His tongue traced over her collarbone slowly, leaving a blazing trail behind it that had James believing her skin was melting into his mouth.  James’s exploration went further south, brushing over her cleavage and causing her to gasp at the stimulation so near her sensitive breasts.  His mouth lingered at her neckline, and Chelsea pressed her chest upward, desperate for his tongue to continue its southward journey.
Her mission was interrupted, however, by the overpowering heat that was building up inside her, sending a steamy rush of excitement to her pussy.  James released the grip on her hair and sank to his knees in front of her.  Ace quickly encircled Chelsea with his arms, leaving no time for her to miss James’s presence in front of her.  Ace’s chest hairs tickled Chelsea’s back, as she leaned back against his shoulders.
The hem of her towel lifted, and Ace looked down to see James carefully peeling it upward, his eyes examining and appreciating every inch of flesh he revealed.  James grinned up at Ace.
Ace tightened his grip on Chelsea’s waist, and Chelsea felt his cock bump against her ass, unencumbered by fabric.  Its hardness excited her, making her want to grasp it, to feel his hot rod of steel that was his cock covered in a towel.  As she attempted to grab it, though, Ace pulled her harder against himself and bit sharply into her shoulder, eliciting a yelp of pleasured pain from her.
James closed his hand over her warming mound, and Chelsea’s hips bucked forward, her body unconsciously seeking its satisfaction.  James obliged her bodily needs, brushing against the wet folds of her beyond-ready pussy.
“Feels like she’s ready for us, Ace,” he said.  He pushed his knuckle up against her clit and sent tiny sparks flying outward, causing Chelsea to jerk in Ace’s grip and her legs to give out completely.  Ace only tightened his grip, holding her upright to receive James’s ministrations.

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