Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spotlight and Review of The Velvet Series by Leanore Elliott


I have come to expect four things from Leanore Elliott books. Smokin’ hot guys, sassy heroines, quips and quotes that make you holler out loud, and unforgettable characters that you want to jump into the book and visit. The Velvet Series did not disappoint. This series is unique, as it is erotica written with the BBW in mind, or what I like to call BBWW (Big Beautiful Wonderful Women). The books not only entertain and insight, but they empower females. We, as women, need positive heroines that we can relate to.

Bren, Kanda, and Daisy felt like family. So much, in fact, that I almost needed to be sitting on the front porch with them, sipping lemonade and chatting about life. I must admit wanting to glance that Rooster Ranch, too. Have mercy Daisy Plush! I’m not a technical reviewer. I could care less about plot scope, character traits, and grammatical errors. I read books with my heart, and tend to respond emotionally to a story. This series had me from page one.

I’ve gone over and over in my head, trying to figure out why this series touches me so much. All I can come up with is the way the author approaches the characters. The situations are real, the dialogue is spot on, and the emotions resonate on such a personal level that you feel for all of them. I found my heart aching for Bren, and then racing when Kanda was with Wade.

I was torn. When I was reading Bren, I missed Kanda, and when I was in a Kanda part, I was wondering what was going on with Bren. And Daisy Plush, well you gotta love a woman who can rock a hot pink silk robe and feather boa. That woman knows how to make an entrance. I will admit to peeing my pants when she strolled up packing a gun and sporting purple leather. Annie move your ass over, Daisy Plush has got her gun!

I’m not a fan of how some mainstream erotic romance portray heroines as weak and glorify the domineering men who demean them, destroy their spirit, and then stalk them. All in the name of love. Sorry to burst their bubbles, but that ain’t love. Anger management and restraining order please! So, Trev and Wade are a real breath of fresh air. Hot, respectful guys who cherish the curves of the plush feminine form. How can you not love them?

Here are some of my favorite quotes and quips from the Velvet Series:
When you play hard to get? It always makes em hard for ya.
“Willing? Oh, my God! I am, but am I able?”
Bren Plush—you hit the hard cowboy jackpot.
Some packages are just meant to be opened and enjoyed, way before Christmas!
I must be dreaming, I’m looking at Prime rib!
“Okay, here’s the deal and you Southern hussies know the drill.”
“Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t ever had fear of nothing my whole life Why, I broke my first horse when I was twelve years old…But you? I think you’re positively dangerous and I may be the one who gets broke.”
men were always first to the bar, but always the last to figure out how to order a damned drink

I  give the Velvet series a "Double damn and double five stars!


  1. DAY'AM That's one smoking review and an amazing post!!!
    Leanore ROCKS!
    You did a fabulous job Ashlynne :)

  2. Excellent review! Love how Ashlynne pulled quotes from the book.
    Congratulations, Leanore!

  3. Great review. I like the style in which you presented Leanore's books.