Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014.

2013 was what I call a salt and sugar year, both personally and professionally. 

When my employer decided to merge with another company back in 2012 we knew it would be hard. They prepared us for as much. We were not at all prepared for what actually happened. My four day work weeks turned into five, sometimes six, day weeks, thus hindering me from writing on Fridays. The dust has somewhat settled on what my coworkers and I will affectionately remember as the merger from hell, and we all survived it in one piece.

My husband Mark and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. He is such a calming presence and a kind, gentle spirit (my polar opposite). It’s rare to marry someone who you actually like, better yet love to pieces. 

This year saw the release of two new Progeny books and a three book trilogy. Sadly, I split from my former publisher and struck out to navigate the publishing world on my own. A group of friends stepped in and helped me through the rough patches. Thank you Leanore, Ava, and Toni. With the release of Yearning imminent, I feel better prepared to go at it a second time.

What’s coming…

I plan four releases next year (3 Progeny books and a release from a new series). So keep a check on my FB pages and this blog for the latest news. 2013 was a transitional year for me, but I look so forward to new experiences and characters in the coming year.

Welcome 2014, may find us all healthy, joyful, and receptive to the ever abundant love in the universe. Be Blessed Beyond Boundaries….

Ashlynne xoxoxox

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