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Book Monster Promotions ~ Spotlight on Dream Knight by Denise Lynn

DREAM KNIGHT by Denise Lynn
Genre:  medieval/historical romance

Dreams of a powerful, black-armored knight resolve into sweet salvation for the captive lady of Brezden Keep—and true love.


Such was the warning of Lady Catheryn’s husband-to-be, the powerful warrior who dispatched her dishonorable guardian, unknowingly answering both her prayers and nocturnal visions. And he seemed right. His past was too bleak, his nature too violent. But Baron Gerard also promised to never beat her, to be kind, to care for Brezden Keep and her people, and the spark in his eye was not kindled by bloodlust alone. His strong hands could be gentle and build fires in her. So perhaps the witch and her magic sachet had the right of it. Perhaps Gerard of Reveur was not only a protector but a better husband and a truer love than either of their tortured souls could ever imagine.


Denise lives in Ohio with her husband, son and a slew of 4-legged fur kids. She loves sharing her tales of brave men and strong women with others. When not tapping on the keyboard, she can be found doing one of her favorite hobbies – sleeping, crafting, researching, hiking and, did she mention, sleeping.


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Tasty Book Tours ~ Spotlight on Valentine Valley Series, Books 3 &4 by Emma Cane


Welcome to Valentine Valley, where the cowboys have many talents and love is waiting around every corner . . .
Ever since a heated late-night kiss—that absolutely should not have happened—cowboy Josh Thalberg makes former Hollywood bad girl Whitney Winslow's pulse beat faster. But when she decides to use his gorgeous leatherwork in her new upscale lingerie shop, Leather & Lace, she's determined to keep their relationship strictly professional . . . even if she wants so much more.
Josh has never met a challenge he isn't up for. Which is probably why he allowed Whitney to persuade him to take the sexy publicity photo that went viral—and now has every woman in America knocking down his door . . . every woman except the one he can't get out of his head.
But how to convince a reformed bad girl that some rules are worth breaking?

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Welcome to Valentine Valley, where romance blooms and love captivates even the most guarded of hearts . . .
From the moment Secret Service agent Travis Beaumont strides into the town and through the door of Monica Shaw's flower shop, she feels a sizzle of attraction. After years of putting everyone else's needs first, Monica is ready to grab hold of life. If she can just persuade the ultimate protector to let his own walls down for once . . .
The President's son is getting married in Valentine Valley, and Travis should be avoiding all distractions . . . not fantasizing about a forthright, sexy-as-hell florist. Especially when she's keeping secrets that could jeopardize his assignment. But just this once, Travis is tempted to put down the rulebook and follow his heart—right to Monica's door.
Roses are red, violets are blue, and in Valentine Valley, love will always find you.

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Meet Emma Cane:    
EMMA CANE grew up reading and soon discovered that she liked to write passionate stories of teenagers in space. Her love of “passionate stories” has never gone away, although today she concentrates on the heartwarming characters of Valentine, her fictional small town in the Colorado Rockies. Now that her three children are grown, Emma loves spending time crocheting and singing (although not necessarily at the same time), and hiking and snowshoeing alongside her husband Jim and two rambunctious dogs Apollo and Uma

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*In addition to the Print Copies of Two of the Valentine Valley Series, Avon is also sending each winner a box of Delicious Chocolates from Colorado, where the series takes place!
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Book Monster Promotions ~ Spotlight on Becoming His Slave (Dominion of Brothers, Book 1) by Talon p.s. & Princess S.O.

Becoming His Slave
Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 1
Written by Talon p.s.

BDSM & D/s / MF / Erotic Romance / some MM & FF

Katianna Dumas hovers on the edge of passion, caught up inside the exquisite eroticism she crafts as an author. Her erotic novels seduce readers with tales of new and unknown heights of pleasure to which Katianna herself, is inexperienced. That is until one night she couldn't even remember; she confessed a secret desire to Trenton Leos, who's now intent to bring her fantasy to life and lure her into his world of Dominance and Submission where he's not just any Dom, he's the Dominus. The Master of all Doms.

Life with the Dominus promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but therein too lies danger, and she's not sure she's strong enough to hang on. Especially when being with Him means submitting her life to Becoming His Slave.

Trenton Leos isn’t just another Master of Doms; he’s referred to as Dominus. The Master of them all. Known internationally for his skill with a cane and for serving up the most delectably trained slaves for the Masters who love to possess them. As Dominus, he has everything he could want out of life except one, his own personal slave. Waiting until he finds the one perfect unicorn for the ultimate surrender—  their life to his dominant control.

When a friend introduces him to her newest star writer, he’s certain he’s found his Life Slave. But as he starts to obsess over the nervously petite woman, he soon realizes she can’t surrender a lifetime of control she does not possess. So he must make the first sacrifice— by letting her go.

Katianna Dumas, a writer of erotic romance is no stranger to the allure of eroticism and Trenton Leos is probably the sexiest lure she’s ever fantasized about. There’s just one problem, she doesn’t play his game.

For four years Katianna has known the Dominus as little more than the man who‘d given her the chance to stand on her own for once, as a friend he kept his distance. Close enough to tease the senses, but not enough to tease his bed, though she likes it when he looks her way.

After a mishap at Club Pain, Katianna finds herself in the protective custody of Trenton Leos for the night and everything changes for the two of them. Katianna can’t remember what secret desires she exposed, but now the Dominus is demanding to court her for the ultimate submission— to become his Slave for life.

Life with Trenton promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but it also comes with dangers and she’s not sure she’s strong enough to hang on, or bear to be let go if she fails to keep up with his desires that constantly overwhelm her.

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Author Bio & Contact Links:
We Came— We Saw— and then we made it sexy.

And that's pretty much how the Twins came to write Erotic Romances and Dark Fantasies. Both Talon PS and Princess SO have been writing together since they were kids, always challenging and competing with each other, and always each other's biggest supporters. After a life time of gathering experiences and honing their story telling skills, they have finally starting putting them to novel size tales. And so far have seen 8 titles published with three scheduled for next year releases so far, and still another 30 something projects in the works. So have those book moments ready, as Talon always says—

"I'm about to make you wet."  ~The Twins: Talon & Prin

Contact links:
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Guest Author Series ~ Diana Persaud

Diana Persaud is a new to me author, but here at Paranormal Romance and Beyond, we love discovering new talent. So, let's give her a warm sharply-fanged welcome and get this interview started. :)

Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself.        
Born in another country. Lived here (US) most of my life. Married to a great guy and we have two beautiful girls. I used to be a science teacher and decided to quit my job after my second child was born. I love being a stay at home mother because I get to take care of my girls and it has given me the opportunity to pursue writing.

What made you want to be an author?
I’ve always secretly wanted to be an author, but never had the courage to try it. Hubby encouraged me to give it a shot and I did. I was really surprised at how quickly some of it flowed.

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like the least?
The answer to both is the same: tons of ideas and not enough time to write. I’m bombarded with many ideas and I don’t have time to pursue them all. Sometimes in the middle of one manuscript, I get a great idea and I just have to pursue it. Actually, I began a novel called His Mate months ago and since then, I’ve started six other novellas, one of which I actually completed.

Are you a plotter or a pantser, i.e., do you outline your books ahead of time or are you an “organic” writer?
I suppose I’m an ‘organic’ writer. Usually, I get an idea for the basic romance and if I’m in the middle of another manuscript, I jot it down in a special file just for ideas. Sometimes as I’m doing boring stuff, like waiting in line or folding laundry, I think about the plot. Sometimes a scene will unfold in my head and I type it the way I envisioned it. Other times, it comes to me as I’m typing. Occasionally I have to stop and brainstorm to figure out where I want to go with my manuscript, but usually, I just let the characters guide me.

What influences your writing? And why?
I love my husband and think everyone should have someone to love them as deeply and unconditionally as we do each other. There are so many personalities out there, I want them all to find their true love and have great sex, too! Unfortunately, in real life, not everyone finds their soul mate, so by writing, I give those lost souls a chance at happiness.

Name one thing readers don’t know about you.
I have multiple orgasms.

Are love scenes easy/difficult for you to write?
Sometimes it flows easily and sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a fresh way to describe sex. I try not to make it the same exact scenario each time. So far, I think I’ve managed to keep things original between the sheets for all of my characters.

Do you have another career besides writing? What is it?
I did. I was a science teacher for many years. Now I’m a ‘housewife.’

What hobbies do you enjoy when not writing?
I don’t have much time anymore, as I am obsessed with writing. But I have been known to sew, knit, and crochet. I also enjoy gardening in the springtime.

What is your writing genre?

If you could be any supernatural creature, what would it be and why?
Werewolf. Wolves are complex creatures. They are beautiful, savage when necessary, ‘family’ oriented and monogamous. Says a lot about me, doesn’t it?

If you had one take away piece of advice for aspiring authors, what would it be?
Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! Take a break. Then proofread some more!

Do you have any future project that we can look for?
Isabella’s Dilemma (coming soon: Feb 2014)
What a powerful cover
Tell us more about your latest release.
One of Aleksandr Hoyden's soldiers, Izzy executes a Rogue werewolf that raped three human women. She is captured and taken to the Clodpoll pack, the pack of the Rogue that she executed. Clodpoll wolves demand her life, especially Jackson, the Rogue's younger brother.
Jackson is focused on one thing: killing the wolf that murdered his brother, Thor. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that his brother's murderer is his mate. To complicate matters, his mate is a soldier who refuses to accept his claim.
Can Jackson convince his mate to give up her life as a soldier to be his mate? Or will Izzy abandon Jackson to keep her independence and a position she fought hard to accomplish?
Author’s Note:
This book is more than just Werewolf Erotica. It deals with a career oriented woman who has fought not to be a stereotypical female. She doesn’t want to be ‘just a housewife.’ She worked hard to be successful in her career. Ironically, it is her success that leads her into the circumstances where she is forced to make a choice between maintaining her independence or giving it up to be with her mate.

Do you have an excerpt for us?
Isabella’s Dilemma
Wolf Secrets

Chapter 1
A long list of curse words and crude adjectives ran through Izzy’s head as she was roughly extracted from the trunk of a car and dragged through the woods. On each side of her, a wolf Soldier grasped her arm tightly as they pulled her towards their town.
Her hands were bound behind her back and the thick rope bit into her wrists. They were raw and bleeding from her previous attempts to free herself. Earlier in the day, her captors had blindfolded Izzy, certain she would begin to panic with a healthy fear of the unknown.
Izzy wasn’t stupid. She refused to let them scent her fear, knowing that even the faintest whiff of fear would incite the angry wolves and they would rip her apart in a mindless frenzy. Her only chance at survival lay in keeping them off guard. She allowed her anger to surface, thought of the victims she had sworn to protect and her anger grew. The unique stinky sweet blend of her anger wafted around her and her escorts growled in response to the scent.
“Stupid Bitch doesn’t even have the common sense to be afraid,” one soldier said to the other.
“Afraid of a pussy like you?” Izzy countered. The insulted soldier squeezed her arm, bruising it further as he pulled her to a stop. He punched her in the stomach and she doubled over, gasping for air. The pain in her stomach radiated outward and she focused her mind. She ignored the pain as she concentrated on her goal. She thought about the satisfaction she would get when this mission was finally complete.
“I kind of like her in that position, D,” the other soldier confided.
“Yeah, I’d love to fuck this bitch and put her in her place. But we don’t have time. Damian is waiting for us. So is Jackson. That fucking bastard will rip her apart before we get a chance to fuck her. Damn shame to waste a pussy.” Their laughter was obnoxious and Izzy swallowed the bile rising to the back of her throat.
D pulled her arm and she straightened. They forced her forward, to the center of their town. A few minutes later, they squeezed her arm, yanking her backward and she stopped walking. Blindfolded, she could sense the group of people standing around her. She felt the heat from the bonfire and could scent at least twenty wolves gathered around the fire.
“Is this the woman who murdered Thor?” Damian, the Alpha of the Clodpoll pack asked.
“Yes, Sir. Our informant says her alpha boasted about her role in his death.”
“Who is the alpha?” he demanded angrily.
“Aleksandr of the Hoyden Wolf Pack,” one of the wolves replied. The wolves began to chatter amongst themselves. Aleksandr Hoyden was a powerful Alpha, feared and revered by most wolves for his aggressiveness. While some Alphas were more diplomatic, seeking peaceful resolutions, Aleksandr usually solved his problems with actions, not words.
“Female, did you kill Thor?” the disembodied voice asked. Blindfolded, she turned her head slightly in the direction of the angry voice.
“Thor went rogue. He endangered our kind and his death was ordered. I’ve done nothing wrong. Ask my Alpha.” In a situation like this, it was protocol for any Alpha to verify the truth with Izzy’s Alpha before sentencing her to death. Would he? Or would his desire for revenge cloud his judgment? If he killed her without verifying the facts with Aleksandr, he risked a pack war. Izzy was certain Aleksandr would avenge her death and fervently hoped it wouldn’t come to that.
Damian frowned as he thought about his next course of action. Aleksandr was no fool. He wouldn’t order the death of a wolf unless he had just cause. But to send a female to do so? His forehead wrinkled in contemplation. What reason would he have to send a female—. His thoughts were interrupted as Jackson came barging through the crowd.
“Where is the scum sucking lowlife that murdered my brother? I’ll rip that fucking bastard apart!” he growled. Enraged, Jackson glanced around and his eyes settled on the figure standing between two soldiers. He stared at the bound figure, momentarily confused.
It’s a female. Who is she, why is she here and more importantly, where the fuck is Thor’s killer?
Earlier that evening, Jackson had been informed that his brother’s killer had been caught and was being brought to his pack. He glanced around, looking for the male that murdered his older brother, anxious to take his revenge. Since learning of his brother’s murder six weeks ago, Jackson had been full of anger. His older brother, his mentor, had been brutally murdered at the hands of another wolf. Thor’s body had been thoroughly de-scented before Damian’s wolves had been notified of its location. After burying Thor, Jackson had vowed to avenge his brother’s death and sought his killer. He had visited the spot in the park where Thor died, had shifted into wolf form and sniffed the entire area. Unfortunately, someone had sprayed the entire area with raccoon urine and he couldn’t pick out the scent of the wolves responsible for Thor’s death.
Frustrated at his inability to find his brother’s killer, Jackson had become surly, picking fights daily to relieve his aggression. Damian, tired of complaints about Jackson’s behavior, had ordered his soldiers to be more aggressive in finding Thor’s killer. Three weeks ago, they began hearing rumors about Thor’s killer and devised a plan to abduct the soldier responsible. After following her for nearly two weeks, D and Marcus finally had a chance to abduct her and bring her back to their pack to dispense justice.
D grinned and took the opportunity to kick the back of Izzy’s knee. With an “Oof!” she fell to her knees on the ground. The other soldier removed her blindfold and announced, “This is the bitch that killed your brother. She just admitted it to Damian.”
Jackson growled and looked at her face. It seemed as though his heart stopped beating for a full minute and the air left his lungs. His legs propelled him forward and he found himself standing in front of her. He raised his head to the sky, taking a deep breath before howling in pain and frustration.
Izzy blinked a few times after the blindfold was removed, trying to regain her sight. She saw a figure moving closer and assumed it was Thor’s brother. He stopped directly in front of her and howled loudly. She glanced up at him, puzzled by his actions. He looked down at her and her eyes widened in shock.
Before she could say anything, D suggested, “Don’t kill her outright, Jackson. Let us have a bit of fun with her first.” D sneered, reaching for his belt as Marcus, other soldier chimed in, “Yeah, Jackson. We can have a real good time with this bitch.” Jackson’s head snapped up and he punched D in the face, knocking him off his feet. He quickly turned to Marcus, snarling before punching him in the face as well.
Anyone who touches my mate will die slowly and painfully,” Jackson announced. While his pack mates stared at him in shocked silence, he turned to Izzy, held her arms and gently tugged her up. He hoisted her over his shoulder and marched back to his cabin.
Jackson swore under his breath all the way to his cabin. He opened the door and after they entered, slammed it shut. He walked further into the cabin and set down his mate in his living room. Izzy stood in front of his couch, watching him as he paced back and forth in front of the small fireplace, growling and swearing. The man wanted to strangle her while the wolf fought for his right to fuck her. At war with himself, he continued pacing. Occasionally he would stop and glare at her before swearing and resuming his pacing.
Izzy took the time to study her...mate. She shook her head in disbelief.
Fate is so cruel. This is an impossible situation. We might be mates, but he hates me, and I have no love for his late brother or his pack. I wonder if he’s like Thor. Is he an arrogant, selfish brute as well?
Izzy decided she didn’t want to find out. There had to be a way out of this predicament and she was determined to find it. She focused on Jackson, still pacing in front of her.
Jackson was a typical soldier. He was tall and muscular. He had short, wavy black hair and golden wolf eyes that glowed in anger. His nose was slightly crooked, evidence it had been broken a few times. He wasn’t as handsome as some males she had known, but he was attractive in his own way. He paced like a caged wolf and she had to admit, she enjoyed watching his muscles bulge and flex each time he passed her.
What if...what if he was the rapist? Surely fate wouldn’t be so cruel as to make my mate a rapist? Izzy bit her lip, frowning at her thoughts. If he was the rapist, wouldn’t he have raped me already? Or perhaps I’m not his type? Maybe he is incapable of raping me because I’m his mate? Maybe he needed Thor to pick out the woman? After all, since Thor’s death, no one had been attacked. How the fuck am I going to figure this one out? Think, Izzy, THINK.
Since wolves were incapable of harming their mates, she decided that she could push her boundaries. She had to complete her task and go home, without Jackson. As long as she didn’t have sex with him, he might allow her to leave. If an emotional or physical bond was formed, like most mated males, he would refuse to let her go. And given that he wanted to avenge his brother’s death, she was certain sex wouldn’t be an issue.
Izzy’s arms ached and her wrists burned.
“Are you planning on killing me this century?” she asked sarcastically. He paused in mid stride and turned to face her. He was formidable and most wolves would probably tremble if they were on the receiving end of that glare, but Izzy wasn’t most wolves. She was a Hoyden Soldier and didn’t scare easily. She returned his glare and flashed her large wolf canines.
“I haven’t yet decided what to do with you, mate.” Somehow he managed to convey his contempt and insult her by referring to her as ‘mate.’ Izzy was slightly relieved. She didn’t want him as her mate and if he didn’t want her either, it would make her job that much easier.
“Well, while you’re deciding, can you untie me? Or do you want blood all over your nice clean....” Izzy turned as she glanced round at the cabin, noting at least a week’s worth of empty Styrofoam food containers and numerous beer bottles scattered throughout the small cabin. She snorted in disgust. “What a pigsty!”
Jackson snarled when he saw the blood soaked rope that bound her hands. He stepped closer, extended his claws and swung his arm, slicing through the thick rope.
Izzy immediately brought her hands forward to examine her wrists. The rope had bruised off several layers of skin and she could see part of her wrist bones. Jackson turned her around and grabbed her arms, raising them so he could get a better look at her wrists. He examined her wrists and frowned.
“We need to cleanse these wounds so they don’t get infected.” She arched her brow in surprise. Releasing her arms, he ordered gruffly, “Follow me to the bathroom.”
Deciding that treating her wrists was more important than telling him she didn’t follow orders from overbearing males, she followed him across the small cabin to his bathroom.
Jackson opened the medicine cabinet, removing a small vial of antiseptic. He opened one of the drawers of the vanity and pulled out an open bag of cotton balls. He opened the antiseptic bottle, placed the cotton ball on it and tipped it to the side. He set down the bottle and reached for her arm.
Izzy was surprised at how gently he dabbed the antiseptic along her wrist. She hissed at the sting and bit her lip as he cleansed her wrist. He threw away the used cotton ball and reached for another. She studied him as he continued to cleanse her bleeding wrist. Jackson finished one wrist and reached for the other, cleansing it with an antiseptic soaked cotton ball.
Once he was finished with her other wrist, he removed a roll of gauze from the medicine cabinet. Unwrapping a few inches of gauze, he gently held the end to her wrist and began wrapping it carefully.
“Why are you doing this?” Izzy asked, genuinely curious.
He paused and looked in her brown eyes before resuming his task.
“I’m your mate. It’s my duty to care for you,” he responded calmly in a smoky voice that made her wolf sit up and take notice. Inwardly, Izzy winced. Her wolf was responding to her mate. She knew her attraction to him would begin to grow and overwhelm her until she finally gave in and allowed the intimacy demanded by her wolf. I am a Hoyden Soldier. I can fight this.
“’re not going to kill me?” Jackson sighed.
“I...have not yet decided what to do with you.” He cut a piece of medical tape and placed it on her bandage to keep it from unraveling then began wrapping her other wrist.
Izzy’s stomach growled, reminding her that she had missed lunch and dinner. Leaving Jackson in the bathroom, she headed out of the bathroom, past a small kitchen table and into the kitchen area. She headed to the fridge. Izzy opened the door and examined the contents. “I see you like beer,” she said dryly. The fridge was stocked with a specific brand of beer. Shaking her head, she closed the door, turning around to find him frowning at her.
“I haven’t eaten yet either. I will get us some food.” Jackson made a quick call to the Mess Hall and ordered two of everything.
Izzy glanced around at the mess in his cabin and shook her head once more. She couldn’t believe the amount of trash that had accumulated in such a small space. She glanced to her left, towards the front door. The small coffee table had several empty bottles of beer and a couple of food containers. She turned to her right. The small kitchen table was covered with beer bottles and more food containers. Beyond the table, she saw his massive bed. The covers were in disarray and she spotted a food container hidden among the folds of the comforter on the bed. There were several beer bottles on the night stands on either side of the bed. Even the tall chest had a couple of beer bottles on top of it.
Realizing she would be stuck in this cabin for a while and refusing to live in a dump, she decided to clean up. She checked his bare pantry and found a box of garbage bags. She pulled one out and picked up a couple of Styrofoam containers from the kitchen counter, depositing them in the large black trash bag.
Jackson ordered dinner and turned around to find his mate picking up his trash. He felt conflicting emotions, shame that his home was untidy yet proud that his mate was cleaning their home.
“I’ll do that,” he said, reaching for the bag.
“If you take care of the bottles, we’ll be done faster.” He nodded in agreement and they silently cleaned the cabin.
As soon as they finished, they heard a loud knock on the cabin door. Jackson washed his hands and answered the door. He accepted the bag of food with a nod. The wolf standing outside glared at Izzy and Jackson growled in response. He slammed the door shut and carried their dinner to the small table in the kitchen. Jackson realized his pack would never accept his brother’s killer. His wolf recognized her as his mate, so he had no choice but to protect her. Could the man accept her as his mate? His wolf would always put its mate first, but the man’s loyalty was to his brother, not a stranger.
Jackson gathered two plates, utensils, two beers and brought them to the table. They sat down and each opened the Styrofoam containers, emptying the contents on their plate. They ate silently, watching each other warily. Jackson resisted his wolf’s impulse to feed its mate.
“What’s your name?” he asked suddenly.
Izzy swallowed before answering, “Isabella. Everyone calls me ‘Izzy’.”
“Isabella...Izzy....” Jackson thought for a moment then replied, “I prefer Bella.” Izzy clamped her mouth shut and clenched her jaw. The only person that had ever called her ‘Bella’ was her late mother.
“Tell me, Bella, how did you get the scars on your face?” Jackson barely managed to keep his voice neutral but his fingers curled against his palms. Jackson’s wolf was incensed that another wolf had harmed his mate, had scarred her pretty face. Izzy took a swig of her beer and met his eyes. She shrugged her shoulders. “All in the line of duty.”
“Duty? What duty?”
“I’m a soldier, same as you.”
“A soldier? You? Ah ha HA HA HA.” He laughed at Izzy and her brown eyes glowed angrily as her wolf rose to the surface. She slammed her beer bottle down and stood quickly.
“I worked damn hard to become a soldier, much harder than you ever had to. You think that just because you’re a male, you’re a better soldier than me? Please! I could kick your sorry ass any day of the week.” She glared at him with pure disgust and he stopped laughing.
“You’re challenging me?” His chair slid backwards as he stood quickly. Leaning over the table, laying his palms flat on the table so his face was inches from hers, he pointed out, “You’re tiny compared to me. I’d crush you in a heartbeat.”
“Your brother was an alpha, much bigger and much stronger than you. He thought he could take me and I’m still here.” He jerked back in surprise and she turned and walked away.

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