Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sundays with A.R. Von ~ Interview with cover model, Dustin Sherer

Sundays with A.R. Von is a regular feature here at PRaB. Boy, do I have a real treat for all of you ladies today. I have an interview from gorgeous heart throb cover model, Dustin Sherer. You say you've never heard of him? Oh honey, after you see A.R. Von's latest cover featuring him, I promise that you'll never forget him! Get a gander at this! Now somebody bring me some ice and catch me as I swoon. 

(After recovering from fainting)
But seriously...Dustin is more than just a gorgeous face and hot bod. He's a personal motivator, fitness trainer/enthusiast, and pro arena football player. And all around nice guy. 

He's the one in the air with the ball....
The Interview
Is Lady’s Destiny your first ever book cover? 
How does it feel to be on a book cover? 
I feel overjoyed to be blessed with this opportunity.
 Do you like the book cover?
 Love how it came out! Even without my tattoos
What do you do in your free time? 
I am a pro arena football player, personal trainer as well as personal motivator. Love helping others.

You’re VERY fit, how often do you work out? 
I work out everyday
How is it working with A.R. Von (be honest)? 
She was a great person. To work with. Open minded an explains in detail which is great!!!
 Favorite food(s)? 
Have you read the book, Lady’s Destiny? 
No currently am waiting for my copy to arrive. But can’t wait to read!!
 Do you plan to do more book covers anytime soon? 
Yes as long as I’m, asked to do them
Are you a full time model? 
yes and no. Ill model when asked, between training an photo, but currently I only represent myself
Do you travel a lot? 
As much as I can, love traveling
 Is there anything you’d like to tell everyone reading this right now?
 Never lose hope; whether it be personal, health, or job related goals, ANYTHING is possible.

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It's always a pleasure to share my cyber home with friends. Come back and visit us again very soon, A.R. Continued success with your writing and Lady's Destiny. 


  1. Thank you so much for having me, again!

  2. Elves and wizards and faeries and mermaids!!! I <3 them~ :3

  3. Enjoyed the interview, love Ava's work.

  4. Vampires, Shapeshifters, and Unicorns :) Zombies but only the ones AR Von writes about. LOL

    1. haha! I know you adore my zombies. They love you right back ;)