Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Big Blood Bewitched Fan Art Reveal

This is the seventh project Faleasha Myers and I have worked on for this series, and each picture just gets better and better. This one is of expectant parents, Ascher and Shauna Rousseau, awaiting their very special arrival.
Baby Rousseau will be a child of privilege and vampire pedigree, descending from a true half-blooded vampire mother with amazing Wiccan abilities and a half-blooded vampire father prophesized to be the leader of the rebellion—a true Progeny in its own rights. With such a noble lineage, what special talents and gifts will he/she inherit? You’ll have to wait to find out!

I call this one “And baby makes a family”.

Faleasha Myers is the official fan artist and a BETA reader for The Progeny Series. She is an avid wrestling fan and enjoys creating likenesses of her hobbies and those in her life. View the other outstanding pictures she’s created for the series HERE. Follow her online to experience the full body of her work.


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