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Maxwell Demon by L. Bachman #FallReading #Giveaway #bookboost @books_n_pearls

Maxwell Demon

Author: L. Bachman

Book Synopsis
Enter into a world where magic exists among us, where Demons and Angels battle, where Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches have become allies, fighting alongside them. What side would you choose? Maxwell is a Fallen Angel on a mission to save the soul of Lilith, the first woman ever created. Lilith’s soul has been placed in a cycle of reincarnation until she realizes the depth of the crimes against humanity she committed while alive the first time. Saving her will save us all. Over and over, Maxwell has never been able to save her, always failing. This is her last incarnation, her last chance. It’s also his last chance to prove that all souls are redeemable.

Twists, turns, and torment aren’t just for the wicked.

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Author Bio

L. Bachman is a Texas native, currently living in North Alabama with her family. Writing since she was young, L. Bachman has not only written stories, but created digital art blends. Her love of creating has led to working with some of the best writers in the independent and self-publishing world.

She's served as mentor for the young and old in the writing field, helping others hone their craft and make it through writer's block, but is ever the student herself. Bachman enjoys researching and furthering her own knowledge and book collection. Whether it's a topic in religion or the paranormal, her knowledge is easily noticed in her tales and in information to others interested in learning.

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