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Sage's Blog Tours ~ Spotlight & Interview with Erica Lucke Dean, author of Splintered Souls

When Ava Flynn walks away from a scholarship to Georgetown and moves into her grandmother’s abandoned summer home in coastal Maine, she steps into the center of a centuries-old curse. On her first night, she notices a mysterious leather-clad stranger looking up at her third-story window. For weeks, everywhere she goes, Ava catches more glimpses of him, but she can never get close enough to find out who he is. 

Over three hundred years ago, Lady Catherine Fairchild risked everything to protect her unborn child, sending a ripple through time that would change Ava’s future. As the mystery unravels, the horrifying consequences of Lady Catherine’s choices drag Ava deeper into a world she never knew existed, trapping her in a conflict that’s been raging since before she was born. A winner-take-all battle for her soul.

Interview with Erica Lucke Dean:
Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself. 
I’m originally from Upstate New York, but I’ve moved a lot over the years, and I currently live on a farm in the North Georgia Mountains where I raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs. It’s a big change from being a business banker in the big city.

What made you want to be an author?
I think I’ve always wanted to write. I can remember being a little girl, writing crazy stories for my mom. I even convinced my father to let me switch my college major from Computer Science to creative writing. That wasn’t an easy sell, but I’ve never regretted it. I don’t think of writing as something I do, but rather, who I am.

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like the least? 
I like being able to travel to faraway places without leaving the comfort of my house or changing out of my pajamas. LOL. I guess the hardest part is the criticism. People always say not to take it personally, but it’s about as personal as you can get. I just want everyone to love all my books, so it’s painful when something doesn’t work for someone. It’s all part of the job, I guess.

Are you a plotter or a pantser, i.e., do you outline your books ahead of time or are you an “organic” writer? 
I think I’m a little of both. I basically create a skeleton outline with room to color outside of the lines so I can let the story come to me organically. But I always know where I’m going so I don’t get lost along the way.

What influences your writing? And why? 
So many different things influence me. Sometimes it’s as simple as a song on the radio that sparks an emotional response. Sometimes it’s overhearing a conversation in the grocery store. And sometimes I just hear the voices in my head. LOL

Name one thing readers don’t know about you. 
I’m ridiculously clumsy. My husband says I’m a danger to myself. And probably others.

Are love scenes easy/difficult for you to write? 
It really depends on the characters. If I’m feeling the love between the two, it just flows. If not, then I have to go back to the drawing board and figure out where I went wrong.

Do you have another career besides writing? What is it? 
Other than living on a working farm, writing is all I do. I’m not even a good housewife, just ask my husband. I’ve agreed to cook at least twice a week. And I sort the laundry so he can wash it. Our laundry room is at the bottom of a dangerous set of stairs, and I’m not allowed to venture down them without supervision. LOL

What hobbies do you enjoy when not writing? 
I sing karaoke and I like to read. I keep pretty busy chasing naughty piglets and vacuuming dog fur from under the furniture.

What is your writing genre? 
I’ve decided to call myself the barista of romance. I write a little bit of everything within that genre. I do funny, heart wrenching, steamy, and magical.

If you could be any supernatural creature, what would it be and why? 
Tough question! There are too many options to pick one. I guess maybe mind reading. I could take up poker or blackjack or something. LOL

If you had one take away piece of advice for aspiring authors, what would it be? 
Write. All the time. On napkins. On the back of mail. Just write. And don’t give up. It’s not an easy career, but it’s so worth it. J

Do you have any future project that we can look for? 
Suddenly Spellbound (sequel to Suddenly Sorceress) is up next, in early 2016. And after that, hopefully the next book in the Flames of Time series.

Tell us more about Splintered Souls. 
Splintered Souls has a little bit of everything. Romance, suspense, hot guys, and time travel.

Where can readers find more about your stories, books, and you on the Internet?

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Before you leave, let’s do a fast five:

Angels or Demons? Angels. No. Demons. Angels? No. Definitely demons.

Vampires or werewolves? Vampires.

Coffee or Chocolate? Chocolate.      

Early Morning or Late Night? Late night that seeps into early morning.

E-book or Paperback? Both.

Thank you for joining us today. I wish you much success in your writing career. Thank you for having me!

After walking away from her career as a business banker to pursue writing full-time, Erica Lucke Dean moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city to a small tourist town in the North Georgia Mountains, where she lives in a 90-year-old haunted farmhouse with her workaholic husband, her 180lb lap dog, and at least one ghost. When she’s not writing or tending to her collection of crazy chickens and diabolical ducks, she’s either reading bad fan fiction or singing karaoke in the local pub. Much like the main character in her newest book, To Katie With Love, Erica is a magnet for disaster, and has been known to trip on air while walking across flat surfaces. How she’s managed to survive this long is one of life’s great mysteries.

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