Sunday, February 28, 2016

Enchanted Book Promotions ~ The Horse List by Anna Lores

Title: The Horse List
Author: Anna Lores
Genre: Erotic Romance / Romantic Suspense
Recently divorced from an abusive husband still intent to control her, Ava Black has two weeks before she moves back to her conservative hometown.

Encouraged by her best friend, she resurrects the wish list she started as a young girl when her number one desire was her very own horse. Over the years, The Horse List had become a mature list of her most erotic fantasies and a symbol of her rebirth as an independent woman. She can complete some of the items alone, but not everything. She needs an experienced partner with resources and the connections to places she's only dreamed of going.

Could the handsome and wealthy artist Eric North be the partner she seeks? Will her drive to complete the list be enough to overcome her fear of him discovering the scars left from years of abuse? Will Eric protect her from her ex-husband, or will she go home to start over and give up her one chance to complete The Horse List?

Anna started writing romance as a by-product of insomnia. After a year of late night reading, she borrowed her son’s laptop after he went to bed each night, and set about breathing life to her very own characters. After a month of writing in the middle of the night, she was surprised with a new laptop of her own to pursue her dreams. With a B.A. in English Literature and a desire to fill her world with wonderful stories she and her close friends could not just talk about, but gush over, she shed her job as mom of three in the late night hours and assumed her alter ego of dirty girl.


“Eric, wait,” Steve said. 
Eric barely turned, but the muscles in his arms and chest tensed. “Yes?”
“Don’t kid yourself by thinking Ava will ever let you between her legs. She won’t give herself to anyone she isn’t married to.” He reached forward toward her hair falling over Eric’s arm and down his side. 
She flinched. Eric shifted her away from Steve’s looming touch. Steve was right. The old Ava wouldn’t give herself to anyone but her husband. But the new Ava wanted to experience an orgasm, which meant she wasn’t getting married to anyone that hadn’t accomplished that goal first. 
“None of your concern,” Eric said, walking down the path to the sidewalk.
“Were you the one watching her?” Steve asked. “I know you’ve been gone for a few years, but now that you’re back…?” The question lingered in the air as he, seemingly, waited for an answer. She was smarter than he ever gave her credit. He had to have been the one watching her, or he would be furious and his eyes would show it, narrowing slightly, the edges creasing. She’d seen him hide his guilt too many times to miss the signs. He wasn’t angry at all. Eric was his deflection to make her insecure. She knew him too well.  “Are you going to stay a recluse like your grandfather, holed up in that house?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Eric tossed back at Steve.  He carried her across the street, up his driveway, and into the house through two wooden double doors on the side of the house. “I didn’t put those cameras in your apartment. But, I think you know that. My head of security, Nathan, is checking your apartment for leads on who installed them. He’s making a total sweep of the place. You’re not going back there.” 
She slid down his warm, muscled body to her feet. She had a little more control, but he held her hand, supporting her. She still trembled from the confrontation, but a sense of safety filled her inside his house. Staying really wasn’t an option, no matter how safe he made her feel. “I’ll stay in a hotel tonight.” 
He held her hand and led her through the dimly lit home filled with priceless antiques and into the kitchen. “Stay here. There is plenty of room. I’m rarely home. In fact, this is the longest stretch I’ve been around in years.”

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